Please Swear in the Witness

Learning a new skill is never easy. There’s time that’s spent in learning the skill, mental and physical energy in gaining that skill, and a certain level of confidence that needs to grow before one can, in good earnest, charge for that skill. That’s not even mentioning the financial cost of obtaining said skill, which alone is often enough of a deterrent to keep anyone from trying anything new. But with all of these sacrifices taken into thoughtful consideration, learning is in itself a form of growth, and if you’re not growing then you’re shrinking, because the whole world is growing around you whether you like it or not.

Which brings me here, to blog post one. After spending the large majority of my working youth slinging drinks, I entered the court reporting industry with the mindset of using my head more than my body to pay my bills. The adage, “Work smarter, not harder” is one that is never too far away from my mind and that was my motivation to get behind a desk. But after spending several years processing transcripts, the desire for more out of life was just too great to keep behind a desk, and I enrolled in the Internet Scoping School and learned the skills I needed to become a trained scopist.

The first step is always the scariest in anything you do, but it’s oftentimes the most rewarding move you can make for yourself. Throughout my time as a scopist, I plan on blogging my triumphs and tribulations, and I hope that these posts bring inspiration for someone else to take that first step.

For me, it’s time to swear in the witness and get on with the transcript.

“A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.” – John Augustus Shedd

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