What does “QC Script” stand for?

“QC” is a term familiar to many industries that rely on accuracy and professionalism, although what the letters stand for can be debated. Most agree that it stands for “Quality Control,” but you will find some supporters who will argue you to the death that it stands for “Quality Check.” Regardless, the intention is clear: Quality.

In the transcripts industry, one’s asked to “QC this” or “QC that.” Having a second set of eyes on something is invaluable to ensure its accuracy. We’ve all been there before, staring at a document, going through line by line, word by word, and then sending it off with confidence only to spot the glaring typo when it is far past too late. When you have someone QC your work, it provides the added assurance that it’s correct and gives you the freedom to focus on other aspects of your job while having the confidence in knowing your work is free of errors.

When you submit your work to QC Script, your transcript will always be accurate and clean. That assurance is not only a time-saver for you, but it also reflects your professionalism and consistency to your clients. Your clients will appreciate the more time they have to work with you but also the quality of the work you deliver, helping not only your business but theirs!

“Script” is short for transcript, because honestly, who has the time in their day to say two syllables when you only need one 😊.

“The most dangerous kind of waste is the waste we do not recognize.” – Shigeo Shingo

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