Check Your Speed Limit

Hello readers! Life is crazy. Now more than ever, it is vital to slow down and experience the world around you. This post is all about doing just that.

When you own your own business, everything falls on your shoulders. This responsibility creates an immense amount of pressure to make sure you are accomplishing all the goals that you have set. You may think that arbitrary deadlines created by yourself shouldn’t be as stressful as working for someone else, but frequently they are far worse. Entrepreneurs are their own worst critic, and since there isn’t anyone else in your lane that you can compare yourself to, you end up comparing yourself to the best possible image of yourself. That is a real high bar to achieve all the time, and it is not sustainable by any means. Slowing down means giving yourself some room to make mistakes.

Slowing down also means taking days off. It can be very tempting for a hungry, passionate, and (still considered by some) young entrepreneur to work nonstop, trying to scale as fast as possible. Tempting as it may be, this can be counterproductive for several reasons. From the side of your business, moving too fast means missing many details. From the side of your life, scaling too quickly means missing many moments you can’t get back. Don’t forget why you work so hard. If your goal is to take over the world, then I have bad news for you: you’re not going to be able to do it. If your goal is to support yourself and your family, live an extraordinary life, and experience as much as possible, then make sure you put that on your calendar. Otherwise, it will pass by while you work through the numbers.

This post was inspired by an article I read about a young man named Elliot Dallen. Elliot, at the time of this writing, is 31 and only has weeks to live. His words reached me, and now maybe mine will reach yours. Spread the love 😊.

“A life, if lived well, is long enough.” – Elliot Dallen

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