Feast or Famine

Hello readers! It’s been a minute since my last blog post. We’ve gone through Halloween and Thanksgiving (and some other stuff in between), but it’s time to return to the posts! In this industry, it can be really easy to lose track of time, so this blog post will help get some of that timeContinue reading “Feast or Famine”

The Proof is in the Reading

Happy October! Fall is in the air, pumpkins are in season, and business is bumping. I’ve been doing a lot of proofreading recently and have come to realize that I have yet to do a blog post about the joys of proofreading. Please accept my sincerest apologies and allow me to remedy the situation. ProofreadingContinue reading “The Proof is in the Reading”

What is a Scopist, II (Punctuation)

In a previous post, I explained the terms mistrans and untrans, and what they mean in regards to scopists. Correcting both mistrans and untrans are scopists primary responsibilities, but they have other duties as well, most notably: punctuation. Punctuation can both create and destroy. Depending on the placement, it can completely change a sentence. TheContinue reading “What is a Scopist, II (Punctuation)”